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It is. I just need to take 20 minutes out of my day to write about myself. I quite like writing about myself really.

Eat Less
Well what happened today was a big McDonalds fail, but I managed to redeem myself by working out and having a modest dinner. McDonalds fail happened coz I was trying to impress a girl with my big engine. Not really. Actually it's not that exciting at all. What I was doing was demonstrating the fold out seats in the back of a Volvo V70, which nearly led to someone losing a hand. Ah well. Not a real fail, have still consumed fewer than 1300 net calories today - woo hoo.

Move More
Work out was 40 minutes on cross trainer, followed by 7 mins on treadmill. Had to abandon the running because my lower leg pain flared up - think I should wear the white trainers to the gym from now on. I can run/jog pretty solidly for 2 minutes at a time though. This is a real improvement. Also up to level 9 on the cross trainer. Found it quite hard going at first and I think it might be something to do with the minimal amount of medication in my body. Panic attacks have stopped though so this can only be a good thing.

Bad news - my boots are worn out at the back. I can probably fix them with gaffer tape for this weekend's walk but I'm going to have to get a new pair for Malham and all other walks leading up to it.

Saturday is Lancaster Long Walk Day. Well three walks to be precise. Have recruited extra personnel - seriously excited!

Other fancy stuff
- HM is researching Muslim weddings
- It's Cheltenham Festival atm - everyone's picking a horse and i'm doing 1p e/w doubles. It's not going that well but it makes for an exciting couple of hours at the end of the work day. Gold Cup tomorrow, I might put a bit more money on it.



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